Hindustan Safe Pack Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in the state-of-the-art infrastructure that houses various departments working in an organized fashion. Handled by our experienced team of experts , our manufacturing unit is fully capable to offer wide range of corrugated boxes. The machines which are used in our manufacturing plant are as follows:

Our Machine Details:

Pre press

Kodak CTP with Auto Plate Processor.

Memory Plate making.

Plate Baker.

Epson 36” Proofer with EFI Software for Proofing.

Offset Printing

20” x 30” Komori 4 Color Offset Machine with auto plate changer (CPC).

20” x 30” Dominant 5 Color Offset Machine (CPC).

19” x 25” Heidelberg 2 Color Offset Machine.

28” x 40” CD 5 Color Offset Machine with auto plate changer (CPC)

25” x 37” Komori 4 Color Offset Machine with auto plate changer (CPC) NEW

Post Production

Polly 6 Station Flow line with Auto Pinning & Cutting.

2 Nos Automatic Paper cutting Machines.

2 Nos Die Punching Machines.

MBO Folding Machine (32 Pages) .

Heidelberg-STALL Folding Machine (32 Pages)

Well bond 6 clamp perfect binding Machine.

Thermal Laminator with auto sheet cutter.

Water based Laminator with auto strip Gumming.

Polly Section swing Machine.

Fortech Hard Case Cover Pasting Machine.

Spiral / Wiro / Spico Punching machine.

PON DOT Variable Printing System

Spot UV – APL 30”

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